Product Description

Elements necklace cactus

The Elements necklace cactus is one of the items from our Elements collection.
The Elements collection is divided in two categories: nature and abstract. Great chance that there is a piece of jewelry in this collection for you. For those who like natural, organic forms, our nature line will probably be a perfect match. Or for the ones that prefer simplicity and modern forms, there must be something solid in our abstract line.

All jewelry in the Elements collection have copper as base material, plated by a layer of (rose)gold or silver. Keep your jewelry free of cosmetics, hairspray and perfume. Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products.

Shop the cactus necklace or other tropical items to be on trend this summer.

All the Luck in the World Studio
All the Luck in the World Studio is the name of our own accessory label. In our Amsterdam based studio we design gems worth sharing. The Elements bracelet tall pineapple and other accessories are produced with personal attention. We make sure our collections are made of high quality materials, accessible for everyone. This makes it more likely there is something pretty in it for you too. Because we love to make the perfect gift for you. Enjoy the little things!

Your jewelry will be packaged in a beautiful All the Luck in the World gift box.

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