zondagmiddag bij Pllek!

All the luck in the world is erbij met mooie kleding, leuke woonartikelen, kaarten en nog veel meer.. kom gezellig langs!

When: Sunday October 28th, from 12:00
Where: Pllek,Tt. Neveritaweg 62, Amsterdam NDSM-Wharf
Website: Zondagmiddag bij Pllek
Reservations: zondagmiddag@pllek.nl for dinner (€21,50) and yoga (€7,50)



On October 28th, Overdose.am will host a brand new edition of the art-music-fashion-food market Zondagmiddag. This time we’ll be settling in at one of Amsterdam’s newest hot spots: Pllek.

Together with local designers, acoustic heroes and culinary fanatics we will offer you another unforgettable Sunday afternoon. Old friends and new talents will be selling vintage bags, winter-proof vests and colourful feathers. There will be enough to shop, munch and gape at all day.

To top it all off, we’ve got a little treat for you guys this time around. After the stalls have packed up their things and you’re all admiring the day’s catch with a drink in hand, we’re decking the hall for a delicious 3-course meal and you’re all invited!

For those who still can’t get enough, not to worry. After dinner, grab yourself a spot on one of the comfy couches and snuggle up. On the big screen, a good old cult film will be shown to end the night in style.

The entrance fee? Hell no! Bring your friends, folks, date, kids, dogs and spare change to enjoy a free lazy afternoon at Zondagmiddag bij Pllek.

▬▬▬ FASHION & ART ▬▬▬

Things I Like, Things I Love || Jutka & Riska || Innit Design || Chillp || Afura || My Own Little World || Moose & Goose || Charlie & Mary || KIST || Ons Kent Ons || Happy Market || All the Luck in the World || Lot Madeleine || STOFFIG&blik || De Snorrenfabriek


Hair Stylist || Barber Shop || Nail Art || Massage || Board Games || Feesttantes Anne en Merel || Yoga & Tai-Chi || Tante Stroopwafel || Movember || Tarotlezers

▬▬▬ LIVE MUSIC ▬▬▬

Mathijs Luijten || Gabriel van Jones || Words in Trees || So-V || Gina en Cato || Roos Mertens


10:15-11:00 Tai-Chi lesson (free)
10:30–11:15 Yoga lesson (€7,50)
12:00-19:00 Fashion & Art Market || Tender Loving Care
13:00-19:00 Live Music
19:30-21:30 3-course Dinner (€21,50)
21:30-23:30 Indoor Cinema: “Inglourious Basterds”

▬▬▬ DINNER & MOVIE ▬▬▬

Starter – Pumpkin soup with marjoram
Main* – Stew of wild boar, cabbage and parsnip
Dessert – Poached pears with vanilla sabayon
(*Vegetarians: wild mushrooms instead of wild boar)

There will also be a tasty lunch menu served during the day. Pllek has great soups, salads and sandwiches on offer. But we’ve also added two extra special Overdose.am options:
Detox Juice – beets, carrot and ginger
Hangover Omelette – served with homemade fries

Indoor Cinema presents: Inglourious Basterds

If you’d like to sit down with us for the 3-course dinner and the movie, specially put together for Zondagmiddag (€21,50), send an email reservation to zondagmiddag@pllek.nl

▬▬▬ YOGA & TAI-CHI ▬▬▬

For a morning session of yoga or tai-chi, you can sign up by sending an email to zondagmiddag@pllek.nl. The Tai-Chi (starting at 10:15) is free and the Yoga (starting at 10:30) is only €7,50 for a 45min. session.

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