this week..

Thank you all for participating in the Mim-pi give-away! I’ve picked 2 winners:

Rokodil – little black dress


Belle – pink dress

I will email you for your addresses!

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Antoni Tàpies

Late last night my daughter Robin sent me a message saying that Antoni Tàpies had passed away. I was so sorry to hear it. He was absolutely one of our favorite artists!


I have been a fan of his work since a friend gave us a book about his work as wedding gift in 1988. Robin and I visited his museum in Barcelona a few years ago and she fell in love with his work too. His paintings are bold and his materials unusual, like sand, dust, dirt, found objects and rubbage. He used lots of letters, numbers and signs. And many crosses!

His work inspired me. I love the sober colors he used, mainly black, brown, beige and grey. Sometimes a little red or blue or pink. Antoni Tàpies was 88 years old.