Mim-pi give-away

A little while ago I made a DIY feature of my display cabinets for the Mim-pi magazine. As a swap Leonora sent me two Mim-pi dresses to give away on my blog.

The pink one is actually a top, I think. It’s size 134 – for about a 9 year old but it could also be a dress for a smaller child.

The black dress is size 116 – for a six year old.

They are both lovely! If you would like one of them for your little girl, either leave a comment here or on my facebook page. I’ll chose the winners sometime next week. Good luck!


changes and new beginnings

2011 wasn’t my best year. Lyme disease really got me and my energy level was very low. Although there were still many good times with (blog) friends and family, I wasn’t able to do nearly as much as I had planned.

Things seem to have stabilized now and I have to come to terms with the fact that the Lyme disease probably won’t get much better. The good news is that it probably won’t get worse either. I’m finding ways to cope with the symptoms (mainly pain and fatigue) in my daily life and trying to get back in the swing of things.

One radical change has been made: I will no longer be selling my vintage goods. When I started ALL THE LUCK IN THE WORLD it was all about hand-made, re-slyled and vintage. From now on I will focus on HAND-MADE and re-styled as that’s where my passion lies. I still love vintage goods and I’ll still visit every flea market and thrift shop possible, but only for my own use.

My plan for this year is to MAKE SOMETHING EVERY DAY! Let’s see how that goes;-) x