fabulous swinging lamps

Sagolikt svängiga lampor in Swedish… a mix of Alice in Wonderland and coffee, I found these over at MIXR, a Swedish online magazine. There is a tutorial if you can read Swedish. And if you can’t google translator will help (a bit)!


Enny Schouten

Enny Schouten makes happy drawings of funny animals. Enny is my cousin and friend so I’ve known her work for a long time and I’m lucky to own several of her illustrations.  She made the one below when my eldest daughter, Robin was born in 1988.

And this one when Nina was born.

These little broches were gifts for the girls when they were small. The pins on the back are broken but we still treasure them!

Over the years my family and I have received drawings on special occassions.

Yesterday this card came in the mail telling me that Enny has a new website and her own card shop here. Pop over and see more of her lovely work!

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happy things

that have come my way lately..

a wood and wool sign – a gift from Ingrid. it’s stamped on both sides – ATLITW, short for all the luck in the world – for now and happy birthday for later..

I found these on ETSY and ordered them right away. Daskanichen and I share a love of crosses. And deer!

A Frida Kahlo bag made by Erika.

One of Sanne‘s beautiful paintings

And a 101 woonideeën diary and deer.

Lucky me!