quite proud!

My work was featured in the September issue of Ariadne at Home and I quite like the way it looks. The photography is by Louis Lemaire who was accompanied by stylist Linda van de Ham.

In the pictures I’m wearing a vintage summer dress which has become a work of art. It was so worn that I couldn’t wear it anymore so I sewed on pieces of paper, embroidered on it and added fabric cut-outs. It’s an ongoing process which I add too now and then. I don’t actually wear it very often, except in styled pictures;)



My wall vases are a project I’ve been working on for quite a while now. I’m not sure where I want to go with these but I know I want to make lots more… I’d like to see a whole large wall full them!

The vases are made from ceramic vessels that are originally used to moisture the air as they hang on the side of radiators. I’m not sure if these are used in other countries but here in the Netherlands they are well known although not often used any more. I buy them at thrift shops and fleamarkets because of all the different shapes old ones have.

Making them into the vases they are now is quite a long process.

This is what they are like to start with – after cleaning. They look quite pretty in this picture but in real life most of them aren’t!

I cover them with a layer of paper-maché.

And paint them white..

Then the fun begins… the decorating!

I use all kinds of paper, fabric, photo’s, paint, markers, stamps etc, etc.

Now you know how it’s done, you can make your own;)) Have fun!