product styling

When I’m taking pictures of products for my webshop, I sometimes get a bit carried away. The pictures end up being over-styled and it’s not easy to see which item is for sale! That’s what happened today when I was taking pictures of some new shelves!

I added flowers and books and tins, cups, even some clogs and more flowers….

These are all kinds of odds and ends that are lying around the house. O, well, I like the way the pictures turned out, even if it is a bit too much.


a wonderful surprise

Yesterday afternoon my doorbell rang. It was the postman with a package from Japan. Such a lovely surprise. Look at the beautiful gifts Lynn sent me.

All of these beautiful pieces of jewelry, each one so detailed..

On the back they have a little screw, so I can make any combination…

Then there is this little bowl, which is absolutely perfect. I wonder who made it, I can’t read the card because it’s in Japanese.

Update: Lynn told me it was made by a pottery artist named Jun Tsunoda. She bought it in this beautiful shop.

And..last but not least: some Japanese crackers an a tote bag with a picture of Chickuwa.

Lynn, thank you so much!